Electronic Weighbridges

Available from 10 ton to 150 ton in various sizes from 7.5m x 3m to 16m x 3m. These pitless Weighbridges incorporate heavy duty loadcells and rugged construction for long life.
Melt Flow Index Tester
Electronic Weighbridges (5kg - 100 ton)
It has Weighing capacity from 10T to 100T, accuracy from 5Kg to 50Kg
with Different platform size 6m x 3m to 18m x 3m. Equipped with
Heavy duty load cells and rugged construction for long life and reliable operationsSend Enquiry
Melt Flow Index Tester
Loadcell RC3. It has Stainless steel self centering rocker, column,
loadcell with complete hermetic sealing suitable for use in harsh industrial environment. It features includes
• Environmental protection IP68 • Self restoring design • High input resistance.
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